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High-efficiency Brayton-cycle engines for marine propulsion

D.G. Wilson, Theodosios P. Korakianitis (ch. Alexander)
109 pp.
MITSG 85-10

The marine diesel engine has much to recommend it. Nevertheless, recent developments in small gas-turbine engines, particularly the increased use of ceramics, show great promise for improved thermal efficiency, which had been the turbine's drawback--capital and maintenance costs, space requirements, weight, vibration, clean exhaust and fuel flexibility already favoring the turbine. Here, the work of several research projects at M.I.T. is summarized. Alternative gas turbine cycles are examined. A low-pressure-ratio, regenerative (CBEX) cycle is optimal. A `clean-sheet' design is proposed for marine applications. The resulting engine is expected to improve fuel consumption by 10-30 percent, but for economic reasons its initial development must probably be funded outside the commercial sector (particularly that of the fishing industry, which has little capital to invest in R & D).

type: Technical reports

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