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Quantitative geometric characterization of two-dimensional flaws via liquid crystals and thermography

James H Williams, Jr., Betty R. Felenchak, Ray J.. Nagem
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Thermal nondestructive testing (TDT) is a technique for obtaining surface temperature profiels on a structure and subsequently relating this information to some imperfection within the structure. Liquid crystals may be used to reveal the temperature anomaly. The first paper describes exepriments conducted on two specimans containing simulated machine flaws. Tests showed that the size and location of the simulated flows can be determined to within approximately 10 percent. In the second paper, a liquid crystals kit capable of providing quantitative assessements of the strctural integrity of fiberglass boats, is developed. Reprinted from Materials Evaluation, v. 41, no. 2, pp 190-210, 218.

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