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Trawl Detail Form.

Clifford A. Goudey
50 pp.
MITSG 83-25
$3 DOM

Net designers lack standardized net plans and their drawings can be difficult to interpret since often their drawn panel shapes are not representative of the actual netting panels of the trawl. Furthermore, details in design are not included. These forms give the net designer a way to draw improved net plans. Net designers not ready to invest in a computerized net design system can use the forms to draw nets more exactly than they could otherwise. These forms also allow the net maker to plan the cutting of panels out of sheet netting with little waste. The Trawl Design Form (11 x 16 1/2, 157 mesh horizontal, 60 mesh vertical) makes it easy to design a whole net, while the Trawl Detail Form (11 x 8 1/2, 65 mesh horizontal, 51 mesh vertical) will fit a small net or display details, such as how to make up corners. Like graph paper, any size net can be represented on one form-simply let one mesh section on paper represent multiple mesh sections of the real net.

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