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Retrofit sail-assist on New England fishing vessels

Clifford A. Goudey, Margaret Linskey
MITSG 83-12

The predominant New England fishing vessel is a trawler ranging from 50 to 90 feet. The MIT Sea Grant Program has conducted a study to determine the feasibility of sail-assist retrofit on vessels from this class. With the cooperation of vessel owners, preliminary designs were done on several working trawlers. In addition, the potential economic effects, local wind conditions, and compatibility with fishing activity were analyzed. Design criteria were developed for the purpose of minimizing cost of installation versus benefits. The conclusions are that sail-assist retrofit is feasible and economically attractive on many New England vessels. Further, the benefits of a sail-assist installation--reduced fuel consumption, reduced vessel motions, better propeller performance and an alternative means to reach port in an emergency--all begin to accrue even with a minimal-sized sail plan. This paper presents the methodology used in these designs; the engineering problems encountered are related along with preliminary cost estimates.

type: Technical reports

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