Publication Detail

Finite element simulation of a saltwater/freshwater interface with indirect toe tracking

John L. Wilson, Antonio Sa Da Costa
11 pp.
MITSG 82-21J

In this journal reprint vertically integrated equations for two-layered gravity-segregated flow in an aquifer are solved using the finite- element method. The transition from two layers to one constitutes a moving boundary which must be calculated as part of the solution. An indirect numerical procedure using a fixed grid is proposed to track the boundary. The procedure is illustrated with an application to the gravity segregation problem. In this example the model performs accurately and is considerably less expensive than equivalent grid regeneration or moving grid schemes. The primary area of application is to the prediction of seawater intrusion in groundwater aquifers using regional, essentially horizontal flow models. Reprinted from Water Resources Research, v.18, no.4, August 1982, pp. 1069-1080.

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