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Choosing the Proper Organic Solvent for the Determination of Lipid Hydroperoxides by the Ferric Thiocyanate Assay.

Mark P. Richards, Yuming Feng
4 pp.
MITSG 02-04J

A convenient spectrophotometric method to measure lipid hydroperoxides requires that the lipid be solubilized in a mixture of nonpolar solvent and alcohol. It has been reported that chloroform is suitable as the non-polar solvent; however, some bottles of chloroform have led to inaccurate quantification of lipid hydroperoxides. The purpose of this report is to determine what characteristics of chloroform solvents render them unsuitable for the determination of lipid hydroperoxides by the ferric thiocyanate assay.

type: Technical reports

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Parent Project

Project No.: 2000-RB-50
Title: Production of High Value Food: Proteins from Low Value, Underutilized Fish

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