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Collaborative Design Workshop

M Andrus, I Leonard, J Ordonez, Julie Chalfant, A Card, Roger Dougal, B Langland, R Smart, J Herbst

In September 2013, ESRDC held a workshop wherein a multidisciplinary design team exercised their early stage process and S3D (Smart Ship System Design) collaborative concurrent design environment by working through the first day of a concept design. The objective of the workshop was to develop recommendations for process and tool enhancements needed to more fully support early stage design.

As part of the development of S3D, a process for the use of S3D in Navy ship design was outlined. This process was refined through the preparation for and execution of the workshop, and the current vision of that process is outlined herein.

During the 2 day workshop the team developed from high level requirements a concept with zonal electrical, thermal cooling (fluid systems), and mechanical schematics and arranged the major equipment within the hull in a design cycle and demonstrated through simulation that the static design converged across disciplines.

type: Technical reports

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Project No.: 2014-ESRDC-04-LEV
Title: ESRDC - Designing and Powering the Future Fleet Additional Task 1.4.3 Concept Refinement