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Highly Resonant Induction Power Transfer for Underwater Battery Recharging

Michael Defilippo
61 pp.
MITSG 14-20

Nicola Tesla first advocated wireless power transfer over large distances over a hundred years ago. While the idea never fully transformed into anything other than in low power applications, recent developments over the last ten years have brought it back into the spotlight.

Typically induction power transfer with an air core is extremely inefficient once the transmitter and receiver coils are separated a few centimeters or misaligned. A system that has the ability to transfer power efficiently over a few meters, while simultaneously allowing for coil misalignment, would be much more beneficial to everyday use.

Experiments with a highly resonant 4-coil induction power transfer system have shown that high efficiency can be achieved over a range of up to a radius of the coil. A 4-coil inductive power coupling system takes advantage of resonance to achieve a high quality-factor (Q) within the system. A high quality factor is shown to be a key component in transferring power efficiently over distances more than a few centimeters inboth the reference material and experimental data.

type: Technical reports

Parent Project

Project No.: 1989-AUV-01-LEV
Title: Autonomous Underwater Vehicles Laboratory - AUV Lab

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