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MIT Sea Grant Newsletter: August 2014

Lillie M. Paquette
5 pp.
MITSG 14-13
$5.00 DOM / $7.50 INT

Periodic newsletter of activities and accomplishments at MIT Sea Grant College Program.
In this issue:
* Robert Vincent Joins MIT Sea Grant as the new Marine Advisory Services Leader
* MIT Sea Grant Welcomes Carolina Bastidas as a New Visiting Research Associate
* Judith Pederson steps down as MIT Sea Grant's Marine Advisory Services Leader
* MIT Sea Grant Distinguished Alum to attend MIT as an Undergraduate this Fall
* MIT Sea Grant's Engineering Educator Teaches Underwater Robotics to Minority High School Students from Around the US this Summer
* Blue Lobster Bowl 2014
* Quantifying Carbon Storage in Eelgrass May Help Scientist Mitigate Global Warming Effects
* Climate Change Symposium on Sustaining Coastal Cities
* Rescue Project for New England's Fishermen
* An Autonomous Surface Vessel in Development for Deploying Remotely Operated Vehicles for Underwater Scientific Exploration
* Cooling System Design Tool in Development at MIT Sea Grant's Design Lab
* New High Fidelity Numerical Model to Mitigate Coastal Flooding Problems

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Project No.: 2014-C/A-4
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