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Coastal Ecology at Sea Grant: from research to application

Juliet Simpson
24 pp.
MITSG 13-44
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The National Sea Grant program is highly diverse, with the focus and function of individual state programs strongly dependent on the universities that house them. This allows programs to respond more efficiently to the needs of their particular state and region. I’ll briefly introduce the MIT Sea Grant program and describe some of the projects we’re engaged in to monitor the condition of coastal ecosystems, support habitat restoration, and promote environmental literacy throughout the northeast. These include (1) a risk assessment of pharmaceuticals in coastal waters; (2) the development of a board game to teach ages 14 and up about ocean warming and acidification; and (3) monitoring erosion and subsidence in a coastal marsh using wireless camera networks.

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Project No.: 2010-A/A-35
Title: Interdisciplinary Science Outreach Proposal

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