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Applications for sensor networks in coastal environments

Robert Chen, Thomas Little, Ferdinand Hellweger, Francesco Peri, Bernie Gardner, Mingshun Jiang, Robert Stevenson, John Duff, Duc Tran, Jun Suzuki, Robert Morris, Daniela Rus, Ben Wetherill, Yuting Zhang
46 pp.
MITSG 13-32
$5.50 DOM / $7.50 INT

The Consortium for Ocean Sensing In Near shore Environments (COSINE) has designed, developed, and implemented smart sensor networks to observe coastal erosion processes, monitor and predict bacterial water quality, and study “first flush” episodic rain events for carbon fluxes from land to ocean. COSINE brings together interdisciplinary scientists and managers from academic, industrial, governmental, and non-governmental organizations to address societal needs with inexpensive solutions. Initial proof-of-concept demonstrations have increased capacity and formed partnerships that can be applied across a range of coastal applications.

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Project No.: 2010-R/RT-2/RC-117
Title: Consortium for Ocean Sensing In the Nearshore Environment (COSINE)

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