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E2 Underwater Robotics at MIT (online video)

Lillie M. Paquette
MITSG 13-18

MIT Sea Grant Educator Kathryn Shroyer designed a one-week curriculum and taught "Underwater Robotics" to 13 high school students as part of the School of Engineering's summer program, Engineering Experience at MIT. The Underwater Robotics students faced an assignment inspired by a real-world challenge: to create a prototype ROV for British Petroleum capable of inspecting the pipes that deliver materials from the seafloor and containing and cleaning oil spills. The group was divided into three teams, each assigned one of three specific tasks: pipe inspection and monitoring, oil containment, and clean up and monitoring. In the program students studied buoyancy, computer-aided design, and mastered fabrication techniques; see the video to learn how these elements came together to mitigate an oil spill disaster.

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Project No.: 2010-C/A-4
Title: Marine Communications/Information Service

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