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MIT WholeShip Constructor User’s Guide

Julie Chalfant
10 pp.
MITSG 13-15
$5.50 DOM / $7.50 INT

The Electric Ship Research and Development Consortium (ESRDC) is developing the Smart Ship System Design (S3D) environment, which is a collaborative design environment that brings together many engineering disciplines early in the ship design process. While there is impressive capability available within the S3D platform, there is a dividing line between what should be inherent capability and what should be kept external to S3D and provided as enhancement with a smooth interface. For example, there exist a number of very capable programs for naval architecture calculations such as intact and damaged stability, resistance and power estimation, hullform optimization, structural integrity, and more. We take as a sample GRC’s Paramarine [2013], an integrated computer aided design and engineering tool available today for commercial ship, warship and submarine design.

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Project No.: 2008-ESRDC-01-LEV
Title: Electric Ship Research and Development Consortium (ESRDC)

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