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Report on the 2010 Rapid Assessment Survey of Marine Species at New England Floating Docks and Rocky Shores

Chris McIntyre, Adrienne Pappal, Jan Smith, Judith A. Pederson
38 pp.
MITSG 13-12
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The primary objectives of the Northeast Rapid Assessment Survey (RAS) for marine species are to: (1) identify native, non-native, and cryptogenic species, (2) expand on data collected in past surveys, (3) assess the invasion status and range extensions of documented non-native species, and (4) detect new introductions (Cohen et al. 2005; Pederson et al. 2005). The 2010 survey was the fourth of its kind to be conducted in the Northeast since the year 2000. This report presents data collected from 20 New England locations from Narragansett Bay in Rhode Island to Cape Elizabeth, Maine.

type: Technical reports

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Project No.: 2014-A/A-5
Title: Coastal Resources