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Ocean Engineering Experience 2012 @ Extended (online video)

Lillie M. Paquette
MITSG 12-45

Online video (9:00) about the Ocean Engineering Experience, a residential summer ocean engineering program for high school students.

The 2012 challenge involved the design and construction of a student-built, remotely operated vehicle (ROV), modeled after the Sea Perch. The student teams received lessons from MIT staff and guest lecturers, who provided vital information on all aspects of building and employing unique ROV designs. Students were split into teams of four and role-played as ROV design firms contracted by the local power plant, Kendall GenOn, which cools its equipment with water from the Charles River and then discharges the hot recirculated water back into the river. The student teams were charged with designing a vehicle to help Kendall GenOn test the water quality of various areas of the Charles River potentially affected by the hot water. The teams underwent two design reviews to justify their vehicle design decisions before they commenced construction. Engineering educator Kathryn Shroyer and her assistant mentors provided constant feedback, ideas, and suggestions as the students work to fabricate, test, and troubleshoot their projects.

The program culminated with a public presentation at the MIT Museum on Saturday, August 4, 2012, during which time each design team presented their vehicle and clear justification for each engineering decision, along with the data they collected with their newly constructed underwater robots.

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