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Sea Perch Institute Challenge 2012 (online video)

Lillie M. Paquette
MITSG 12-43

Online video (1:06) about the Sea Perch Institute Challenge 2012.

The MIT Sea Grant College program hosted the Sea Perch Institute Challenge at MIT’s Zesiger Athletic Center pool on Thursday May 3, 2012. Nearly 100 middle and high school students worked in teams to address a complex engineering problem using remotely operated underwater vehicles they built themselves.

The Challenge Scenario
Early this morning, an offshore drilling rig leased by a local oil company experienced a sudden explosion. The rig was in the final stages of drilling an exploratory well, just 50 miles of the coastline. The full scope of the incident in currently unknown, but an oil slick has begun to appear on the surface surrounding the rig site. The source and rate of the leak is unknown, but it seems to be rapidly spreading and there is great concern that it will cause devastating effects on local industry and the environment if not addressed soon. You have been asked to assist in mitigating the disaster, as part of a science and engineering response team, using your cutting edge ROV technology.

The Zesiger Athletic Center is located in MIT Building West 35 at 120 Vassar Street in Cambridge, near the corner of Massachusetts Avenue.

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Project No.: 2010-C/A-4
Title: Marine Communications/Information Service

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