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MIT Sea Grant Strategic Plan, FY 2014 - 2017

Chrys Chryssostomidis
19 pp.
MITSG 12-41
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The MIT Sea Grant College Program strategic plan is inspired by our vision, focused on our goals and objectives and enhanced by the unique educational, scientific and technological resources of our home institution, local community, and state institutions and resources. Our mission is to conduct and support research and develop technology to enable scientific investigation into problems surrounding the health and human use of the sea. Our education and outreach efforts disseminate the results of our MIT Sea Grant-funded research, encourage the stewardship and the adoption of sustainable and useful technologies, and support public policy and industry with information that is relevant, evidence-based and scientifically sound.

Efforts in research, education, and outreach are designed to address critical marine and coastal issues at the state, regional, national and global levels that have been identified by Massachusetts constituents and which are within the areas of focus for the National Sea Grant College Program. The goals of the focus areas shape priorities for our annual solicitation to fund new proposals, and they guide us in both the short- and long-term toward projects whose success can best serve our constituents.

type: Sea Grant programs' reports

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Project No.: 2010-M/PM-1
Title: Sea Grant Program Management