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U.S. Annual Report: Update on Status of Invasive Species Research

Judith A. Pederson, Lisa Drake, Allegra Cangelosi, Mario N. Tamburri, Fred C. Dobbs, Greg Ruiz
14 pp.
MITSG 12-38
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Abstract and Highlights of US Annual Report: Two federal agencies have actions pending on ballast water regulations and policies. The U.S. Coast Guard will publish its final rule in the Federal Register shortly (ap-proved in February 2012), but the numbers are not available until published. The US Environmental Protection Agency in meeting a court settlement/ convened a commit-tee to evaluate methods for ballast treatment that will meet the US Coast Guard standards. Five treatments were identified as meeting the criteria, although three other options were also an option.

Another study, funded through the National Research Council, looked at the issue from a theoretical perspective. The risk of probability using different types of models suggests that all models have a degree of uncertainty associated with them. The committee concluded that no one proxy was adequate for serving as organism density. One new species identified in the northwest Atlantic, a subtropical worm Hydroides elegans was found in an isolated pond in Massachusetts and is not likely to survive. A second species, a bryozoans Zoobotryon verticillatum was found for the past couple of years in Connecticut and in 2011 in Narragansett Bay, Rhode Island. Neither are expected to survive the winter season, but Z. verticillatum has reinvaded several times.

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