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State GIS Infrastructure and Local Comprehensive Planning Activity in Northeast Coastal Watershed

Hannah Dean, John Duff
1 pp.
MITSG 12-32
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GIS legislative and administrative structures differ across states in the Northeast and these structures impact the spatial lenses through which planners can understand the impact of their decisions. Until comprehensive planning laws align with GIS state structures, there will be a disconnect between the planning requirements under state laws and the GIS tools available at local and sub-state regional levels for the purpose of coastal planning. This presentation summarizes GIS and planning structures in the Northeast United States, focusing on the sub-state scales at which planning is taking place and the major differences across states that may impede Coastal Marine Spatial Planning at the state, interstate, and regional scales.

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Project No.: 2012-R/RC-132-REG
Title: The Governance Role of Local Authorities in Marine Spatial Planning: a Legal Assessment of Prospects and Problems

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