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Modeling 2010 in Massachusetts Bay using the unstructured-grid Bay Eutrophication Model

Changsheng Chen, L. Z. Zhao, R. C. Tian, Pengfei Xue
32 pp.
MITSG 12-26
$5.50 DOM / $7.50 INT

This presentation discusses:
1. Simulation of current, temperature and salinity for the calendar year 2010 using FVCOM.
2. Simulation of water quality variables for the calendar year 2010 using UGRCA, including inorganic nutrients, phytoplankton, chlorophyll and organic substances.
3. Assessment of dispersal of the MWRA outfall effluent, both in the horizontal and vertical.
4. Projection analysis on the possible influence of the MWRA outfall on water quality and ecosystem function in MB.

type: Presentations

Parent Project

Project No.: 2010-R/RC-116
Title: Development and Validation of the Water Quality Model System for Massachusetts Coastal Waters

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