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Planning for the Future: Climate Adaptation in Hazard Mitigation Plans and Comprehensive Water Resource Management Plans

Gregory Bailey, Jacob A Baril, Jonas A Bellini
63 pp.
MITSG 12-10
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This project investigated whether hazard mitigation plans (HMPs) and comprehensive water resource management plans (CWRMPs) completed by cities and towns in Massachusetts account for the long term effects of climate change. A hazard mitigation plan is documentation created by state officials or planners that states how a specific community prepares for potential hazards. A CWRMP is an assessment of current water infrastructure as well as a plan for future water management. As our group investigated climate change in coastal Massachusetts, we examined if current HMPs included climate change information. We then looked into the opportunities and barriers for climate change information being included in coastal community’s CWRMPs and HMPs. Finally, we provided recommendations to improve these plans as a resource for urban and environmental planners interested in planning for future climate change impacts.

type: Technical reports

Parent Project

Project No.: 2011-R/RCM-32
Title: Improving understandings of consequences, vulnerabilities, and adaptation strategies to climate change related hazards