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A MAC Protocol for AdHoc Underwater Acoustic Sensor Networks

Borja M. Peleato, Milica Stojanovic
3 pp.
MITSG 06-20
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A medium access control (MAC) protocol is proposed that is suitable for non-synchronized ad-hoc networks, and in particular for the energy-constrained underwater acoustic networks which are characterized by long propagation delays. The protocol exploits the di®erence in the link lengths between the nodes instead of using waiting times proportional to the maximal link length. To do so, it relies on a receiver's ability to tolerate a certain level of interference. By minimizing the length of the hand-shake procedure preceeding the data transmission, the throughput e±ciency is increased as compared to the previously proposed protocols, while collision avoidance minimizes the energy consumption.

type: Workshops, proceedings, symposia

Parent Project

Project No.: 2006-R/RCM-18
Title: Simulation and Rapid Prototyping Environment for Acoustic Communication Networks of Distributed Autonomous Underwater Platforms

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