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A Graphical User Interface for an Underwater Reconfigurable Modem

Kevin Rice
17 pp.
MITSG 06-17
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Underwater research is predicated on the use of acoustic modem technology to provide real time analysis of data collected by various platforms such as autonomous underwater vehicles (AUVs). The Reconfigurable Modem (rModem) is being developed as a rapid prototyping environment for underwater acoustic communications and networking algorithms for use in guiding AUVs.This paper focuses on discussing a graphical user interface (GUI) for the rModem. Before this graphical user interface was developed, experiments performed with the rModem had to be carried out through a terminal. This made experiments very tedious and any mistake in the command input would send incorrect commands to the modem. Furthermore, it was impossible to send and receive files through the terminal. The GUI also acts as a simple transport layer (layer 4) where large data are divided into multiple packets.

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Parent Project

Project No.: 2006-R/RCM-18
Title: Simulation and Rapid Prototyping Environment for Acoustic Communication Networks of Distributed Autonomous Underwater Platforms