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Modeling and Simulation of Electric Ships’ Power System Components and their Interaction

A. Ouroua, J. R. Jackson, J. Beno, R. C. Thompson, E. Schroeder
8 pp.

Models of propulsion motors, generators, gas turbines, and power converters are used to determine weights and volumes, evaluate designs, and predict performance of power system components for all-electric navy ships. The finite element analysis method using 3D CAD models is used to validate designs and predict performance under prescribed constraints that simulate realistic operational conditions. These models and analyses allow the development of complete, high-fidelity, design-based specifications of power system components before prototypes are built and tested. Examples of electromagnetic, mechanical, structural, thermal, shock and vibration analyses of models representing integrated designs of electric machines are presented. Modeling and simulation at system level play an equally crucial role in system architecture design. Simulation examples using a power system model for an all-electric ship are presented.

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