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Statistical Re-Analysis of Resistance and Propulsion Data

Jan Holtrop
5 pp.

In a recent publication a power prediction method was presented which was based on a regression analysis of random model and full-scale test data. For several combinations of main dimensions and form coefficients the method had been adjusted to test results obtained in some specific cases. In spite of these adaptations the accuracy of the method was found to be insufficient for some classes of ships. Especially for high speed craft at Froude numbers above 0.5 the power predictions were often wrong. With the objective to improve the method the data sample was extended covering wider ranges of the parameters of interest. In this extension of the data sample the published results of the Series 64 hull forms have been included. The regression analyses were now based on the results of tests on 334 models. Beside these analyses of resistance and propulsion properties a method was devised by which the influence of the propeller cavitation could be taken in account. In addition some formulae are given by which the effect of a partial propeller submergence can tentatively by estimated. These formulae have been derived in a study carried out in a MARIN Co-operative Research programme. Permission to publish these results is gratefully acknowledged.

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