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DDG 1000 Engineering Control System (ECS)

Mark Henry, Michael Iacovelli, Jeffrey Thatcher
13 pp.

The Navy’s advanced multi-mission 21stcentury destroyer the USS ZUMWALT (DDG 1000) is well into the Detailed Design and Integration (DDI) and Detailed Design and Construction (DDC) phase. The highly advanced and integrated control system for the engineering plant, called the Engineering Control System (ECS), hierarchically supports the overall Ship Control System (SCS) to provide ship mobility and power to Combat Systems. Optimal manning objectives for DDG 1000 have driven ship system design to an unprecedented level of automation, and consequently the ECS is more complex than any other machinery control system ever developed for a Navy surface combatant. Software development is currently in detailed design phase while ECS hardware has progressed into production. This paper will explore the architecture and functionality of this distributed and hierarchical Engineering Control System that has emerged through years of evolution for Navy’s DDG 1000.

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