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Fault Detection and Diagnostics for Non-Intrusive Monitoring using Motor Harmonics

Uzoma A Orji, Zachary Remscrim, Christopher Laughman
8 pp.
MITSG 10-17
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Harmonic analysis of motor current has been used to track the speed of motors for sensorless control. Algorithms exist
that track the speed of a motor given a dedicated stator current measurement, for example [1–5]. Harmonic analysis has also been applied for diagnostic detection of electro-mechanical faults such as damaged bearings and rotor eccentricity [6–17]. This paper demonstrates the utility of harmonic analysis for fault detection and diagnostics in non-intrusive monitoring applications, where
multiple loads are tracked by a sensor monitoring only the aggregate utility service. An optimization routine is implemented
to maintain accuracy of speed estimation while using shorter lengths of data.

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Project No.: 2007-R/RD-37
Title: Low-Cost Diagnostic System for Shipboard Environments