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Regional Ocean Science Initiative: Ecosystem-based management for the Gulf of Maine

Judith A Pederson
2 pp.
MITSG 10-10
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The Gulf of Maine
(GOM) Regional Ocean
Science Initiative
(ROSI) is one of 10 regional
projects funded
by Sea Grant to establish
a process for
addressing ecosystem based
management concerns by helping to foster
collaboration and research.
With the advice of U.S. and Canadian GOM ROSI
Council members, the organization:
• Draws on input from stake holders about issues.
• Provides information and technical support to
managers and decision-makers.
• Recommends research.
The five thematic areas and cross-cutting issues
described in this brochure reflect public concerns
and research questions that would strengthen
ecosystem-based management in the GOM through
the use of scientific research.

type: Promotional brochures

Parent Project

Project No.: 2014-A/A-5
Title: Coastal Resources

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