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Environment and Development: (Re)Connecting Community and Commons in New England Fisheries, USA

Kevin St. Martin, Madeleine Hall-Arber
19 pp.
MITSG 10-09

There is an extensive literature on participation in environment and development that has made clear the range of issues one must consider when engaging in participatory development projects to achieve particular development and/or conservation goals. There is, however, less review and commentary on the work that participation does, or might do, relative to the discourse of development itself. That is, it is well known that participation alters and re-thinks methods of development implementation, but how is it constitutive of alternatives to standard forms of development and/or conservation? Beyond participation itself, what are its effects? Our intention in this chapter is to point to what we think are the effects of participation, the work it does relative to our imaginaries of environment/development, and to link those effects to our hopes for sustainable and progressive economies and environments. Throughout, we reference the case of fisheries, a contemporary site of struggle over the form of development that will best conserve fish stocks and habitats. We describe the effects of a recent PAR project in New England that was designed to disrupt and replace the dominant image of fishemen’s behaviors and environmental practices. PAR projects can, we conclude, effect change by producing alternative ontological and discursive foundations vital for imagining sustainable environmental/economic futures.

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Project No.: 2008-A/A-3
Title: Center for Marine Social Sciences (CMSS)

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