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High Fidelity Hydrographic Surveys Using an Autonomous Surface Craft

Justin Manley, Thomas W. Vaneck
5 pp.
MITSG 01-03J
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At the MIT Sea Grant College Program, Autonomous Surface Craft (ASCs) have been under development since 1993. An ASC is a small vessel outfitted with navigation and control systems that permit it to carry out functions autonomously. This paper describes initial tests of ACES (Autonomous Coastal Exploration System), an ASC designed to perform high fidelity hydrographic surveys. ACES is comprised of a small catamaran hull equipped with a gasoline engine and sophisticated electronics for navigation and bathymetry. It permits two individuals with a portable computer to survey small coastal areas to approximately US Army Corps of Engineers Class 1 standards. The authors discuss early results and design improvements.

type: Technical reports

Parent Project

Project No.: 1989-AUV-01-LEV
Title: Autonomous Underwater Vehicles Laboratory - AUV Lab

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