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Exploiting the Bandwidth-Distance Relationship in Underwater Acoustic Networks

Paolo Casari, Milica Stojanovic, Michele Zorzi
6 pp.
MITSG 07-20J
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In this paper we study the relationship between
effective use of the available bandwidth, energy consumption,
and transmission delay in a UnderwaterWireless Acoustic Sensor
Network (UWASN). We compare different solutions to transport
data to a sink node, namely multihop transmissions through
multiple relays and the use of direct relay-to.sink links that
require more power but reach the sink in one hop. We also
address the effects of different error control policies. Our analysis
shows that the energy consumption can be traded off for delay by
choosing different policies and by varying some key parameters
in each policy.

type: Workshops, proceedings, symposia

Parent Project

Project No.: 2007-R/RT-2/RCM-21
Title: Acoustic Communication Networks for Distributed Autonomous Underwater Platforms