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Energy Efficient Underwater Acoustic Networks

Josep Miquel J. Montana
80 pp.
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In this thesis, discrete power control is introduced as a practical means of enabling
multi-hop communications for large coverage area in bandwidth-limited underwater
acoustic networks. The document is divided into two parts. In the rst part, the overall
system performance is evaluated for di erent power selection schemes as well as for di erent
frequency allocation patterns (center frequency fc and bandwidth B). In the second part of
the thesis, the Focused Beam Routing protocol (FBR), a scalable routing technique based
on location information, is introduced and optimized for minimum energy per bit
consumption. The appendix contains an introduction to the underwater acoustic network simulator that has been developed and used to obtain all the results shown in this thesis.

type: Full theses / dissertations

Parent Project

Project No.: 2007-R/RT-2/RCM-21
Title: Acoustic Communication Networks for Distributed Autonomous Underwater Platforms

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