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Optimizing the Transmission Range in an Underwater Acoustic Network

A Porto, Milica Stojanovic
5 pp.
MITSG 07-19J
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An extension of Distance-Aware Collision Avoidance
Protocol (DACAP) [1] is proposed that permits its implementation
in large networks where maximal connectivity is not available.
The technique proposed increases the energy efficiency by optimizing
the transmission power of the nodes. The optimal power is
the minimal power that still guarantees connectivity between each
node and the sink. Simulation results show that this transmission
power also results in throughput maximization. For a network
of nodes uniformly distributed within a rectangular grid, the
optimal transmission range can be determined as a function of the
node density. A closed form approximation for this dependence is obtained.

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Parent Project

Project No.: 2007-R/RT-2/RCM-21
Title: Acoustic Communication Networks for Distributed Autonomous Underwater Platforms