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Design and Analysis of a Permanent Magnet Generator For Naval Applications

Jonathan E. Rucker, Timothy J. McCoy
8 pp.

This paper discusses the electrical and magnetic design and analysis of a permanent magnet (PM) generation module for naval applications. Numerous design topics are addressed and several issues are raised about the potential improvements a PM generation system can offer. A proposed 16 MW PM generation module design is presented along with a design methodology. The final design offers significant reductions in both weight and volume. Specifically, it is estimated that the PM generation module has a 7x reduction in volume and a 10x reduction in weight compared to similarly rated wound rotor systems. These reductions can provide flexibility to naval architects since power, weight, and volume are integral parts of the design and construction processes. However, further study is necessary to verify the PM generation modules thermal, structural, and mechanical performance.

type: Technical reports

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