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Review of Experimental Work in Biomimetic Foils

Michael Triantafyllou, Alexandra H Techet, Franz Hover
10 pp.
MITSG 04-15J
$2.00 DOM

Significant progress has been made in understanding some of the basic mechanisms of force production and flow manipulation in oscillating foils for underwater use. Biomimetic observations, however, show that there is a lot more to be learned, since many of the functions and details of fish fins remain unexplored. This review focuses primarily on experimental studies on some of the, at least partially understood, mechanisms, which include 1) the formation of streets of vortices around and behind two- and three-dimensional propulsive oscillating foils; 2) the formation of vortical structures around and behind two- and three-dimensional foils used for maneuvering, hovering, or fast-starting; 3) the formation of leading-edge vortices in flapping foils, under steady flapping or transient conditions; 4) the interaction of foils with oncoming, externally generated vorticity; multiple foils, or foils operating near a body or wall.

type: Technical reports

Parent Project

Project No.: 2001-RT-2/RD-13
Title: Biomimetic Rigid Hull Vehicle with Flapping Foils for Enhanced Agility in the Surf Zone and Cluttered Environments

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