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Fishing Heritage Festivals, Tourism, and Community Development in the Gulf of Maine

Stefan Claesson, Robert A. Robertson, Madeleine Hall-Arber
10 pp.
MITSG 05-18J
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No formal studies have been conducted previously to assess the social and economic impact of fishing heritage events on Gulf of Maine fishing communities. This paper documents how fishing communities in the Gulf of Maine celebrate a centuries-old yet declining traditional maritime way of life. In February 2005, a telephone survey of 13 gulf fishing communities was conducted as a first step toward understanding the social and cultural significance of fishing heritage festivals. The respondents’ answers provide a glimpse into the symbolic, religious, and socio-cultural significance of fishing-related festivals and ceremonies. The survey qualifies the economic impact or demand for fishing heritage tourism through attendance estimates and records, and documents the conflicts that have resulted between heritage tourism and fishing communities. This paper provides planners and policy-makers with new information about public interests in fishing heritage and an indication of the potential socio-economic impacts of heritage event development on fishing communities in the Gulf of Maine.

type: Workshops, proceedings, symposia

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Project No.: 2003-A-3
Title: Center for Marine Social Sciences