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A Vehicle System for Autonomous Relative Survey of In-Water Ships

Franz Hover, Jerome Vaganay, Michael Elkins
32 pp.
MITSG 07-14J
$5.50 DOM / $7.50 INT

A new vehicle system for relative inspection of in-water ship hulls has been developed, wherein a Doppler velocity logger is used to navigate relative to the surface being inspected, and imaging is performed with a DIDSON sonar. The system is capable of working with no compass or external navigation system, and in zero visibility waters. The ability to locate and lock onto a wall, and then perform full-coverage survey is demonstrated in several field tests.

type: Journal, book, proceeding reprints

Parent Project

Project No.: 2005-R/RCM-14
Title: Software and Control Development for the Small Hovering Autonomous Underwater Vehicle

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