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Dynamic Simulation Modeling and Control of the Odyssey III Autonomous Underwater Vehicle

Mark E. Rentschler

Dynamic modeling and control of the Bluefin Odyssey III class vehicle “Caribou,” operated by the MIT Sea Grant AUV Laboratory is addressed. Focus is on demonstrating a simple forward design procedure for the flight control system, which can be carried out quickly and routinely to maximize vehicle effectiveness. In many situations, the control loops are tuned heuristically in the field; frequent retuning is necessitated by the inevitable changes in vehicle components, layout, and geometry. Our paradigm here is that 1) a prototype controller is developed, based on an initial model, 2) this controller is then used to perform a very compact set of runs designed to identify the vehicle dynamic response, and 3) a revised, precision controller based on this improved model is implemented for the real mission.

type: Full theses / dissertations

Parent Project

Project No.: 1989-AUV-01-LEV
Title: Autonomous Underwater Vehicles Laboratory - AUV Lab

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