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Developments in Odyssey II Class AUVs for the GOATs 2000 Joint Research Project.

Justin E Manley
12 pp.
MITSG 01-16J
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This paper describes the Autonomous Underwater Vehicles deployed in GOATS 2000 by the MIT AUV lab. Two Odyssey IIc Class AUVs were brought to the experiment and are discussed in some detail. Also described are the many advances in AUV technologies since the previous joint research project (in 1998), including first use of graphical mission planning/piloting tools and first use of waypoint behaviors for complex survey patterns and closed loop navigational control using a new Odyssey code base.

type: Technical reports

Parent Project

Project No.: 1999-RU--RCM
Title: Sensor and Operational Tradeoffs for Multi AUV MCM

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