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Reduction of Residual Stress and Distortion in HY100 and HY130 High Strength Steels During Welding

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An experimental study was carried out with the specific intention of reducing the undesirable effects of both high residual stresses and distortion in HY100 and HY130 high strength steels during welding. Tests were also conducted on Mild Steel for comparison. The goal of these tests was to first ascertain the distortion and residual stresses during and after welding of test pieces of the three different steels. Test specimens were: 5.5' wide by 18' long and 0.5' thick. A nominal 20 KJ/inch heat input was used in all experiments. Bead on edge was utilized as representative of a butt weld. An automated GMA process was utilized for welding with 98% argon and 2% oxygen as shielding gas.

type: Full theses / dissertations

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