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Mitigating the environmental effects of mariculture through single-point moorings (SPMS) and drifting cages

Clifford Goudey, Gary F. Loverich, H. Kite-Powell
7 pp.
MITSG 01-14J
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The production of finfish in cages causes a measurable impact on the nearby water and seabed due to feces production and uneaten feed. The most severe impact has been associated with large, intensive operations in areas with inadequate water circulation, where benthic habitats have been seriously degraded. The current practice of mooring a cage, or a cage array, over a permitted site exacerbates the problems. An alternative approach is to allow cages to move in response to the environment. For example, the use of a single point mooring (SPM) would allow the operation to maintain a 'watch circle' where the position of the cage(s) depends on the sum of the environmental forces. The authors discuss preliminary analyses of the benefits of SPMs, and introduce the concept of drifting cages as a further alternative to minimizing impact on the seabed.

type: Technical reports

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Project No.: 1998-A-2
Title: Center for Fisheries Engineering Research

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