Retrofocusing Techniques for High Rate Acoustic Communications

PI: Milica Stojanovic, MIT Sea Grant, Lee Freitag, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute

Project Number:2004-R/RCM-12

Start Date:2004-03-01End Date:2006-02-28

Proposal Summary

High-rate acoustic communications is a critical technology for marine applications that require real-time underwater video or simultaneous control of multiple autonomous underwater vehicles (AUVs). In this project, the researchers are designing, analyzing, and demonstrating retrofocusing techniques for high-rate acoustic underwater communications. The retrofocusing involves spatio-temporal signal processing for communication between two points, one or both of which are equipped with an array of elements to transmit and receive signals. The researchers' goal is to achieve distortion-free links and higher bit ratesÇmajor assets in an underwater acoustic channel whose bandwidth is severely limited.



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