Acoustic Communication Networks for Distributed Autonomous Underwater Platforms

PI: Milica Stojanovic, MIT Sea Grant, Michael Triantafyllou, MIT Sea Grant, Michele Zorzi

Project Number:2007-R/RT-2/RCM-21

Start Date:2007-03-01End Date:2013-03-01

Proposal Summary

Key components of future ocean observation systems will include sensor technology, vehicular technology and communications technology. In this project, researchers are focusing on demonstrating a mobile acoustic underwater network that integrates acoustic links into an autonomous multiple-vehicle communication network. Integrated networks of instruments, sensors, robots and vehicles will operate together in a variety of underwater environments, with applications including environmental monitoring (for climate recording, pollution control); collection of scientific data (oceanography, geophysics, chemistry, marine biology, deep-sea archaeology); and efficient search and survey (for detection of objects, ocean bottom imaging and mapping by fleets of cooperating autonomous mobile platforms).



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Completion Report


Project No.: 2007-R/RT-2
Title: Focused Research