October 1, 2006

2007 MIT Sea Grant Professional Development Workshops - Sea Perch

MIT Sea Grant will be sponsoring Teacher Professional Development workshops in January and February 2007. Our two Sea Perch Teacher Workshops will pair teachers from different disciplines together. One workshop will be held at MIT, and one will be held at the Gloucester Maritime Heritage Center in Gloucester, Mass.

Our goal for these workshops is to create an "in-house" network of teachers within a school to integrate Sea Perch, remotely operated vehicles (ROVs) and ocean exploration into the classroom. For more information about the Sea Perch program, see http://seaperch.mit.edu .

Each workshop will last three days: two full days and one after-school session. During the workshop, you will construct your own ROV, test your vehicle, learn how collect data with your vehicle, and receive training on NOAA's Ocean Exploration Curriculum.

Workshop dates are:

January 23-25, 2007, MIT
February 27 - March 1, 2007, Gloucester Maritime Heritage Center

We look forward to your joining us for this fun-filled workshop. For more information, please contact Brandy Wilbur at bmmoran@mit.edu .