August 7, 2018

MIT Sea Grant Contributions to the Marine Invasive Species Rapid Assessment Survey Program: 18 years and Counting

This month, MIT Sea Grant continued its collaboration with the regional marine invasive species Rapid Assessment Survey (RAS). This is the 6th survey since 2000 when RAS started as a collaborative effort of more than 40 organizations and individuals who provide funding, access to laboratories and marinas, logistic support, and taxonomic expertise, to identify the organisms attached to floating docks and piers. The primary objective of these surveys is to identify native and introduced marine species in order to assess the introduction status and range extensions of documented introduced species, and to detect new introductions. From July 23 to 26, MIT Sea Grant scientists along with partners from 9 institutions and the Massachusetts Office of Coastal Zone Management surveyed 8 sites along the coasts of MA, NH and ME.

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In the Local News:

"Water-borne invaders topic of research study", Gloucester Daily Times - July 24, 2018

"Tracking water-borne invaders", The Salem News -


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