April 17, 2018

Ocean and Coastal Acidificaiton Training Webinar for Citizen Science Monitoring Programs April 18th

Ocean and Coastal Acidification (OCA) Monitoring:
Training Webinars for Citizen Scientists

Join us for a webinar to discuss the role of citizen scientists in ocean and coastal acidification (OCA) monitoring. Researchers have found that local conditions are a major factor affecting vulnerability to coastal acidification. Different locations will be affected by acidification in different ways, and collaboration among local research and citizen science groups is needed for regional action. Citizen science programs and researchers can take steps now to help protect marine environments from ocean and coastal acidification. The webinar will introduce a discussion about the importance of engaging in ocean and coastal acidification monitoring right now.

Calibration and Collaboration
10 AM, April 18th
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This is the second in a two part series. The first webinar: Where and Why: Citizen Science in OCA Monitoring took place on March 30th and was archived in the NECAN website.

Please help spread the word about these webinars and the important role of citizen science in monitoring ocean and coastal acidification. This webinar will also be archived on the NECAN website for later viewing.

MIT Sea Grant is hosting an invitation only in-person workshop focused on citizen science monitoring for ocean and coastal acidificationon May 10th, from 9 am to 4:30 pm. If you would like to request an invitation please email MIT Sea Grant ecologist Carolina Bastidas at bastidas@mit.edu.


MIT Sea Grant's ecologist preserves water samples to assess coastal acidification in the Charles River.