February 5, 2018

MIT Sea Grant's FY2019 call for pre-proposals is open

Pre-proposals are due by Tuesday March 6, 2018 by 5:00PM.
Full Proposals are due by Tuesday June 12, 2018 by 5:00PM.

In 2019 MIT Sea Grant will focus our funding resources on the following specific areas of marine research:

(1) Aquaculture Technologies: Based on data gathered in our constituent meeting on November 30, 2017, MIT Sea Grant created a new focus area for research on novel technologies to enable offshore aquaculture.
(2) Ocean Acidification: MIT Sea Grant will focus funding research on ocean monitoring using physics-based data inference, buoy data, and fusing diverse sources of data, e.g. at least two of satellite data, data from drifters. The target is to demonstrate such a computer monitoring system for the Boston Harbor or the Gulf of Maine.
(3) Underwater Wireless Power Transmission and Data Communication: MIT Sea Grant will focus funding on research that delivers a laboratory prototype for wireless energy transfer to exceed 1 kW, and/or a prototype for data transmission underwater in highly stratified environment targeting distances of the order of 100m.

An informational meeting for year’s RFP was held at MIT Sea Grant on Thursday, January 25 2018 to provide guidance for interested applicants. A recording of that meeting can be found on our YouTube channel

For more information, important dates, and eligibility requirements, see the MIT Sea Grant RFP website.


MIT Sea Grant's autonomous surface marine vehicle REX pictured on the Charles River.