January 31, 2017

MIT Sea Grant is excited to announce the opening of the Katádysi Art Gallery

The Katádysi art gallery is located within the new MIT Sea Grant facility, along side an updated biology lab, an expanded ocean engineering lab, and a fully equipped classroom space. The new gallery will be a destination for students, faculty, and the community, to experience the unique interplay of art and science in the context of MIT Sea Grant research and outreach programs. MIT Sea Grant will exhibit professional artists whose work will present a new perspective on ocean research. The opening exhibit will feature “Under a Thousand Waves” by Artist Keith Ellenbogen.

It is our hope that this space will feature a diverse array of scientific artwork expanding our reach. The gallery will serve as a space where students, partners, and stakeholders will get to experience artwork inspired by ocean science and where the art can inspire new conversations and new connections.

Our new facility will expand our capabilities allowing us to better serve our stakeholders and the MIT community. The newly designed biology lab has wet and dry labs for improved sample processing and ample space for visiting students and colleagues. Across the hall the Autonomous Vehicle Lab now has the ability to completely assemble and stage even their largest vehicle for deployment offsite. There is a 3m x 3m larger sensor tank as well as a 30m tow tank to test new designs. The Design has expanded office space and will be able to host more students and visiting researchers.

There is no doubt that the new facilities are a wonderful improvement, but the staff are most excited to all be located in the same place and are looking forward to future collaborations that their close proximity will facilitate.

New Address:
MIT Sea Grant
12 Emily St.
Cambridge, MA 02139