August 11, 2016

Facing the Surge: Screening of new sea level rise documentary on September 22nd from 12:00-1:30

Facing the Surge
Thursday, September 22nd
E38-3rd Floor Conference Room

Facing the Surge documents the tangible costs of sea level rise for the people of Norfolk, VA. Norfolk is home to the largest naval base in the country and to thousands of hard-working Americans struggling to adapt to the rising tides and an uncertain future. The town has registered 16 inches of sea level rise since 1930. But Facing the Surge is not a film about loss and inaction. It tells the stories of citizens from across the United States as they step forward to raise awareness and push their government to solve climate change.

The film is the first documentary short by Adaptation Now, a crowdfunded project created to share the stories of communities as they face the leading edge of climate change. The project started with the goal of broadening the climate change conversation beyond the existing environmental movement. It operates with the fervent belief that stories have the potential to shift public opinion and create a groundswell foundation for political change.

For more information on the project and filmmaker, visit

We encourage attendees to bring their lunch to the seminar. The seminar is open to the public. Please pass this announcement along to interested parties. MIT Building E38 is located at 292 Main St. Cambridge, MA 02139. Questions can be sent to