August 26, 2014

We invite you to participate in Oregon Sea Grant's nationwide online survey-based study on “Pet Well-Being and the Environment”

The study is conducted to learn about the motivations for pet ownership, the environment that pet owners desire for their pets, and the pet owner’s decisions on the choice, use, storage and disposal of pet pharmaceuticals and personal care products (PPCPs). The results of the study are intended for pet health professionals, public conservation agencies, pet organizations, and educators. Their results will help guide outreach strategies and options tailored to the needs of pet owners, which will enable safer use, storage, and disposal practices for PPCPs. Safer and more accessible stewardship and disposal practices for PPCPs will help to reduce the risks from PPCP misuse, accidental poisonings, abundance in our environment, and unintended impacts on aquatic life and water quality.

Pet owners in the United States and Canada are encouraged to take part in an online Institutional Review Board (IRB) approved survey to learn about pet ownership values, consumer choices, and the ways pet owners choose, store, and dispose of pet PPCPs. They estimated that it will take about 15-30-minutes to complete the survey. Individual responses to the survey will be kept anonymous.

CLICK HERE to take the survey between now and October 18, 2014.